Inventory Schedule of Condition Reports

A comprehensive inventory report needs to be readily available to all new tenants, the landlord and the principle agency before, or on the day, the tenant moves into their new property as best practice would suggest. ADP Services can provide this service without issue or concern. If an inventory report is needed in short notice one will be immediately available via PDF email. A printed copy can also be provided and delivered to the tenant, the landlord and principle agent within 24 hours if required.
A list of guidelines as to what is needed to be done before the tenant moves in will also be contained within the report to offer all parties clarity on any issues that may arise on move in day, or during the tenancy.

Prices start at £50 for a furnished studio.

Check Out Reports

Sifting through a check out report can be the bane of any letting agencies life! Wouldn’t it be easier if the report was made simple, clear, concise but at the same time detailed and accurate in line with deposit protection schemes? Here’s where ADP Services come in. Descriptions are sufficiently detailed but not “war and peace”, pictures are compact and clear, and the most valuable tool of the report is the summary section at the close. It clearly states and lists, at a glance, who is responsible for the total defects of the property (Landlord, tenant, investigation) which saves valuable time trecking through the whole report making your own notes.

Prices start at £45 per inspection.

Interim Inspections

If you are a lettings agency that struggles in meeting set property inspection times due to busy periods or staffing issues then ADP Services can help you. Detailed, unbiased inspection reports and photographs are available to give you and the landlord peace of mind that their property is being kept to the standard of which is expected during their tenancy. No unnecessary wording, jargon or photographs here. What is needed in a clear, concise, easy to understand manner. ADP Services will also be happy to speak to the tenant about any immediate concerns if the tenant is present during the inspection, and offer any advice if needed.
Prices are £20 per property regardless of size

Check-In Appointments

If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy agent to welcome your new tenants at their new home, walk them around the property, explain how everything works, talk them through the inventory and any other accompanying agency documentation then contact ADP Services.  We'd be delighted to meet with your tenants and iron out any potential early issues to save call out charges and phone calls to the office during the early part of the tenancy.

This visit will ensure the highest levels of professionalism and service from a lettings agent at all times, and will offer peace of mind for tenants who are moving into a new home.

Prices are £40 per property regardless of size.